InfraACE Technologies - Bolstering Enterprise IT Environment with Tailor-Made Cloud and Virtualizati

CIO Vendor Born out of the dire needs of reduced infrastructure, apparent cost saving and ameliorated flexibility, Cloud and virtualization has become a focal point for enterprises worldwide in this day and age. Though global technology enclave abounds with best of breed virtualization players, many customers still have a disbelief that they need to spend more on top of hardware they already invested in. Helping businesses realize the potential benefits of virtualization, Chennai headquartered InfraACE Technologies caters tailor-made virtualization solutions for Indian market. “We render a bundle of offerings that includes hardware and virtualization solutions together; therefore, our clients need not worry about spending twice. Our clients get latest technology along with required hardware in subscription model,” unveils Raj Krishnan, CEO of InfraACE Technologies. Today, InfraACE Technologies has outspread its presence in the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai and Malaysia. Its services portfolio incorporates Desktop as a Service, Hosting, Cloud and Virtualization, Data Centre Management, Licensing, Server Management, Unified Communications and Security.

As BYOD (bring-your-own-device) trends become pervasive nowadays in the corporate ambience, InfraACE’s cloud and virtualization solutions allow enterprise employees to work from anywhere and use their favorite device securely. “Organizations can improve standard and effectiveness of their operations by enabling employees to bring their own device. The fact that company’s data is secured, gives them freedom of working on their favorite device. Moreover, rotational work from home option helps to increase productivity and loyalty towards organization,” says Raj Krishnan.
InfraACE Technologies also provides Desktop as a Service (DaaS). According to Raj Krishnan, “We deliver DaaS on HTML5 that means entire desktop can be accessed on a browser. Hence, our clients can access and use their desktop from any browser or any device of their choice, which is more beneficial than Virtual Desktop Infrastructure”. Eliminating Capex completely, its DaaS solution comes in subscription model.

We render a bundle of offerings that includes hardware and virtualization solutions together; therefore, our clients need not worry about spending twice

At present, businesses leverage a range of applications to attain a momentum for their operations. Consequently, the need for hosting services arises. “Our Application as a Service addresses the requirements of instant deployments of the applications. Once we perceive the usage and severity, we ensure that the application performs seamlessly over all platforms that our clients use. We are already aiding them with applications like AutoCAD and Abode suite, to name a few,” affirms Raj Krishnan. Aside from hosting services, InfraACE pays heed to data centre management. It strives to make clients' data available effectively and secure all the time. In this landscape, as InfraACE confronts legacy systems or sometimes a new technology that is not time-tested, it concentrates on customers' RTO and RPO while ensuring that it does not cross set limits.

InfraACE endeavors to keep up with the pace of cutting edge technologies. Its unit for “Emerging Technology” helps InfraACE stay abreast of new technologies and supports its clients in adopting latest technology trends.